Wesley Glass, TX

"It was a true blessing from the Lord when my mule deer buck broke out of the thick cover. I had mere seconds to make a decision.  Thankfully, I had Howard to give a quick and accurate estimate of antler, size, age, and distance to the deer so I could make the shot.  He provided his talent more than once during my hunt to assess bucks quickly.

Howard's relentless passion is to find a deer that will satisfy the hunter's goals.  In my case I was hoping for a unique buck with mass...this  179' twelve pointer with in-line tines was Perfect!"

Peter Bouma, CA

"Last year I was lucky enough to draw an elk tag in NM and be able to hunt with GCO. I've been on 7 elk hunts in my life and killed 7 respectful bulls. When I showed up in camp this year I knew I had made a good choice. I not only made a life long friend; I also killed a 351 bull in 2 days?

From the accommodations to the scouting of the unit and knowing the bulls (because he has hunted the whole state).  

Howard is truly committed to killing big bulls and providing the best experience available."

Scott Spinella, TX

"I was referred to Howard and God's Country Outfitters by a good friend of mine who had hunted with Howard several times in the past.  He told me that Howard would be my best bet at an opportunity on the kind of bull that I was looking for... Needless to say, he was right!

Howard has a great knowledge of the units, as well as the elk and their patterns. Howard put me on the class of bull that I was after and did not try to talk me into something less. If you want a first-class hunt with a first-class outfitter you need to book a trip with Gods Country Outfitters."

Additional Testimonials

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Brandon Bouma, TX

"I first met Howard in 2008-2009 when he was a guide in our first camp, on my first trip to Sonora, Mexico on a mule deer hunt.  He ended up guiding my brother and he got a real nice burro a couple of days in.  After that trip, I started applying for draw hunts in NM. The first northern New Mexico hunt I drew, we were able to help a friend get her 1st muley, an awesome +200" buck.  

That hunt I wasn't so lucky, but such is hunting. We hunted together a couple more times without success. It wasn't due to lack of preparation, knowledge, or effort. After that, mother nature and luck are in control.

Things changed for us in October of 2016, my uncle and I drew an elk tag in the Ruidoso, NM area.  Howard knows the area and had done his homework,; but it doesn't typically work out the way it did.  We both harvested big bulls on the opening day of our hunt. 

In fact, he had done enough preparation that we had time to golf the day before the hunt.  It was awesome.  

My uncle and I drew a New Mexico Oryx hunt in Feb. 2018 and I am looking forward to the adventure that awaits."